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Dr. Karen Littlefield Neil

Fort Worth Texas dentist Karen Littlefield Neil D D S

For over three full decades, Dr. Neil has built a unique dental care approach that revolves around the importance of patient relationships and building trust. She loves being able to help people escape chronic pain, replace missing teeth, and smile with newfound confidence! In fact, she’d do it for free if she could. If you’d like to learn more about her, just continue reading below.

Why Did You Decide to Become a Dentist?

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When she was in high school, Dr. Neil started working for an orthodontic office in Arlington, which was kind enough to accommodate her busy class schedule into college. This experience was the initial spark of interest that led her into the dental field. She also had an awesome dentist while growing up – Dr. Ned Patrick – who genuinely seemed to enjoy his job every time she came in for an appointment.

Where Did You Study Dentistry?

Dr. Neil attended the University of Texas at Arlington and then pursued her dental doctorate at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. After spending some time working in San Antonio, she decided to come back home to Fort Worth, where she cared for patients as an associate before opening this dental office in 1993 with the very kind help of her family.

Today, Dr. Neil has completed a great deal of continuing education in order to expand and elevate her skillset. Most prominently, she is a Fellow in the International Academy of Implant Dentistry, attended the Pankey Institute, and has been a part of various Spear workshops and study clubs since 2001. She is currently the President Elect of the Fort Worth District Dental Society and a member of the House of Delegates for the Texas Dental Association as well!

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Outside of the Dental Office, What Do You Like to Do?

Dr. Neil and her husband Buck have been married for over 25 years. They have a son named Will who currently lives in Arkansas with his wife Amber; he’s a medical student, while she is a labor/delivery nurse. Meanwhile, their daughter Julie is also a medical student in Houston.

As for personal hobbies, she loves fishing (rivers or oceans) with her son, who’s just as big as a fishing fanatic as she is. She also spends her free time taking golf lessons, searching for arrowheads and various artifacts outdoors, going to concerts, visiting museums, and learning all she can about history. In fact, she’s actually a distant cousin of President Woodrow Wilson!